California Criminal Sentencing Enhancements

 California Criminal Sentencing Enhancements, CEB, 2010

This is the first book to bring together the various elements of sentencing enhancements including the Three Strikes Law, Chelsea’s Law and the One Strike Law, and the STEP Act (Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act) which mostly applies to gang activity.  Prosecutors, defenders and judges explain the court’s authority to impose, strike, or stay enhancements.  Charles Denton, Esq., Assistant Public Defender, Alameda County is a contributor.

Organized by conduct and status enhancements, this book covers “every known criminal sentencing enhancement” according to the publisher.  Conduct enhancements include

Sex Crimes                                                              

Status enhancements include

Prior Similar Offenses
Felony while released on bail or own recognizance.

Easy-to-read charts by code section describe the enhancement and possible terms.

Prosecutors can use this book to evaluate the evidence and sentencing enhancements in order to provide justice and to use in determining charging options.

This book will help defense attorneys evaluate the evidence and possible sentencing enhancements in order to calculate their clients’ maximum exposure.

And the book will benefit judges having to calculate complex sentences where multiple enhancements, prior serious and violent felonies and other factors come in to play.

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