Participatory MCLE Credit for Listening to MCLE CDs/DVDs in the Library

The Alameda County Law Library is an approved MCLE Multiple Activity Provider in California.

To earn participatory credit for listening to MCLE CDs or DVDs in the law library, a librarian or the circulation assistant must proctor your time spent listening to the MCLE program(s). The proctor does not have to sit with you, but must know where you are in the library in order to proctor your participatory credit.

Pay the $15.00 a credit hour at the reference desk and check out the CD(s)/DVD(s) for use inside the library.

You must sign in on an “Official Record of Attendance for California MCLE” just as you do for a “live” MCLE presentation.

Upon completion, one of the librarians or the circulation assistant must sign the proctor form/witness statement that you were in the library listening to the MCLE CD(s) or DVD(s) at a specific time on a specific date in a setting conducive to learning. After you finish listening, you complete an “Activity Evaluation Form for California MCLE”.

Last you receive your “Certificate of Attendance for California MCLE” at the reference desk.

You may bring your own laptop with its CD and/or DVD drive and earphones or you may use library equipment available at the reference desk to listen.

All of the required forms are at the reference desk.

Here is a list of our MCLE Materials List: Tapes, CDs, DVDs and Program Materials for MCLE Credit (PDF – 42kB).

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